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Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a mutual support system with engineers of underrepresented genders at WillowTree. Women/Non-Binary Engineers advise company efforts around improving gender diversity and inclusion.

Women/Non-Binary Engineers

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For team members who identify with a non-majority ethnic or racial identity. In addition to open conversations about shared experiences, Trees of Color collaborates on initiatives that celebrate our unique backgrounds. 

Trees of Color

For team members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or queer, as well as those questioning whether they might fit into any of those groups.

Pride @ WT

Supporting team members with an educational or professional background contrary to their current field. Trees without Degrees creates opportunities in tech for individuals with non-traditional backgrounds.

Trees without Degrees

Striving to create a more manageable work experience for Trees affected by chronic illnesses, mental health issues, or any other workplace accessibility concerns. This ERG works to promote mental health awareness and focus on accommodating needs across all offices. 

Chronic Illness, Accessibility, and Mental Health Support

Paving the way for future parents and advocating for families in and out of the workplace. WT Mums provides resources for mothers in whatever stage of parenthood they are in- from trying to start a family, to sending kids off to college and beyond.

WT Mums

A network of Trees who are 40 and over. We offer camaraderie and learn together how to navigate the challenges of caring for ourselves along with our parents and children. Sagebush actively looks for ways to both better contribute and receive the experiences of those younger than us.


For trees that are originally from overseas as well as those that have lived abroad and feel they have a sense of multiculturality they would like to share! This ERG celebrates existing internationality at WillowTree and seeks to remove unconscious bias in employment experiences.

Trees from Overseas

Providing a community for veteran trees and their families as they transition to civilian life. Mili-Trees partners with our Human Resources team to create more awareness around military needs as well as supporting our Talent Acquisition team as we hire more veterans.


Trees Without Degrees
Trees from Overseas
Willow Tree Pride
Women and Non-binary Engineers
Willow Tree Moms
Chronic Disabilities

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